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Industrial electrotechnology projects are often highly specialised and require specific equipment and experience. City Electrical Services (Aust) Pty Ltd (CESA) offers technical experts with standard certifications who deliver quality-controlled services across any industrial electric project task.

Our experience with industrial and infrastructure electrical projects ranges from design and build of multimillion dollar fit outs for manufacturing and service facilities, public works and niche developments down to emergency call-outs.

CESA can meet the specialised requirements of any project and welcome the opportunity to tender on any project within Sydney or regional NSW. Contact Us

Also see our experience in our Construction Division and Commercial Projects.


Some of our Industrial Projects 


Big W/Masters Distribution Centre Hoxton Park
Developed by Mirvac, Hoxton Park D.C is one of the largest industrial developments in Australia, comprising of 5 substations, 5 main switchboards and 50 distribution boards. Over 5000 light fittings controlled by C-Bus and power systems for automated dematic racking storage systems.
CESA Services 150,000m industrial/logistic centre
Stanhope Village Shopping Centre
Stanhope Shopping Village consists of 2 major supermarkets, 75 speciality shops and 28 food outlets. The centre is equipped with the latest technology lighting and control system. CESA has been involved with the construction and expansion of the centre for over 7 years.
CESA Services Stages 1,2,3,4