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For technical and sophisticated electrical installations, City Electrical Services (Aust) regularly co-ordinates highly trained project managers with clients and sub-contractors to deliver on plan, on schedule and on budget. We have very capable experts on Our Team.

Let us provide Project Management from scoping to completion

 All projects are scoped and staffed by qualified experts from the Estimating Stage through each Technical Service required. CESA provides clear, compliant bid solutions to achieve a client’s objective for the best results in design, schedules, budget parameters and cost-efficient workflow. 

City Electrical Services provides (and is not limited to) electrotechnology solutions for:

General Light & Power

  • UPS power stupply and installation
  • Building management systems
  • Lightning Protection
  • Emergency lighting
  • Stand-by generation plants
  • Cable reticulation of low voltage systems
  • Exterior and safety lighting installations
  • All Lighting Solutions.

Data and communications

  • Data installations and service integration
  • Building telephone block cabling
  • Voice, data and network installations
  • Audio visual facilities
  • Master antenna reticulation (MATV. PayTV)

Home or office automation & safety

  • Remote 'smart-device' electrical systems
  • Closed circuit television system (CCTV)
  • Smoke detection Fire Services Installation
  • Emergency evacuation systems and BOWS
  • Public Address systems
  • Security systems, access control, duress systems